Friday, September 24, 2010

J's Chimes: Crazy Computer Cases

Your computer case looks too ordinary? How about using a model of the Star Wars TIE Fighter for a new case cum table? I guess the owner is just bored of cases that he's decided on something much more amazing.

Forgot what this cartoon is but someone decided to makes a model out of it where you can insert your CDs into the drives located at the mouth of the robot. Sometimes I wonder, isn't that taking up too much space in your house instead of a normal computer case? Maintenance is gonna be tough...

Personally liked this one. Using a Maid anime model as a computer case is one brilliant idea... Except that you've got some explaining to do with your parents and friends that this is not a Candygirl but a computer case... I mean, who wouldn't be mistaken if a life-size doll is kept in your room? Anyway it looks pretty good though...

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