Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J's Chimes: Ookamisan To Shichinin No Nakamatachi

Oh boy, even the title is a mouthful... translated as Ookami (Wolf) And Her Seven Companions, this is one of the new animes debuted this season. And easily, you could see and hear familiar faces and voice actresses on this anime. The story goes about with a club named Otogi Bank that assists students with their problems and in return for their assistance when needed, thus it's like a loan institute for problems where you can get help and will have to repay back when their assistance is required. Ookami Ryouko is one of the club's member that specializes in solving and dealing with problems with brute force wherever fighting is necessary.

Two things that will attract a series of fans can be easily seen or heard when you actually watch this anime and came to me as a surprise too. Anime fans will straight away know the resemblance of Ookami with Taiga from the anime Toradora... with her seemingly similar attitude and characteristics... Not to mention the blonde hair but however was distinguished by her blossom and height which differentiated the two of them. There's even a bit of a similarities between the red hair girl and the anime Arakawa Under The Bridge... Well, there are many similarities for mostly all the characters.. The next surprise was that the voice actor is seemingly same as Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun. Same to the narrator of this anime who voiced Kuroko... Such delights fans and may get them to love this anime somehow...

This anime is somewhat a comedic action anime but episode 1 doesn't impress me as much compared to other better animes this season like Highschool of The Dead to Amagami SS. But seriously one can't really judge it by only the introduction of this anime but rather how the storyline is and will continue next week... Hopefully it gets better.

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