Tuesday, October 26, 2010

J's Chimes: The Next Amagami?

The anime Amagami SS is known for its short stories about the male protagonist who falls in love with the girls in school presented in 4 mini episodes each. Though it is really kinda short with little background story and such, it seems like this have somehow become a trend for future animes to come... And one such anime that's airing this season which is similar to this is Yosuga No Sora.

Yosuga No Sora has caught the attention of many people because of the content of the anime which seemingly becomes an ecchi anime as the story unfolds... (It isn't as innocent as you would think it is) But in any case, the story is also presented in 4 part episodes for each girls the male protagonist falls in love with... Stay tune if you wanna know more about this anime in later posts...

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