Monday, February 14, 2011

J's Chimes: At Least 2D Cares...

With Valentine's Day, manga artists scrambled to get their artworks of anime characters done with chocolates at hand. Probably because it is known that there would be people still being single on that day and a virtual imaginary girl giving chocolates would be the way to go to give some love to them... how ronery... But even so in this occasion, there are plenty of artworks worth looking for as some were pretty nice indeed.

And definitely for all K-On! fans... Wouldn't you love it if Azusa gave you some chocolates?

Anime To Aru Majutsu No Index. Probably one of the best side stories beside Railgun.

Infinite Stratos gets people to envy the main character really much due to his situation in which many guys would want.

Even if you gotta dream something bad, probably Yumekui Merry would help ya in your sleep. A chocolate isn't so bad too...

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