Monday, December 27, 2010

J's Chimes: Capsule Hotels

Capsule Hotels are unique in Japan because of the rooms that guests checks in and offers a cheaper alternative for those staying for a night. Hotels are really expensive in Japan and especially so in busy areas like Central Tokyo. Thus to maximize usage, Capsule Hotels offer guests a room in a shape of space capsules and basic amenities for a night's stay.

A typical example of a capsule room is as shown above where guests climb into their rooms or known as pods. These rooms are design just enough for you to sleep inside comfortably for the night. However these area is shared between other guests so it might get a bit noisy at times.

An example of space limitations for a simple capsule room. Perfect for anyone who just needs a night of sleep and traveling. Seriously why spend more for a hotel stay when you could have this at cheaper rates.

Basic amenities would include a tv, hanging rack and lights in a capsule. You would probably have to sleep with your bags inside unless you'd wanna use the lockers provided but it would cost more. Other than that, there are other amenities which include toilets and a eatery which is shared and located in the vicinity.

An example of a small canteen in the hotel. All food can be bought via vending machines. And 1 thing amazing was that the hotel is almost self-service without staffs in operation besides the room servicing and maintenance workers. A truly unique concept which could be seen in Japan as most things are automated.

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