Monday, December 13, 2010

J's Chimes: STGCC Loot

The Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention is over... Time does flies and you waited and waited and waited for it, and now its gone! However so, the STGCC this year is much to my disappointment because there really wasn't much in the event that got my attention. Not to mention the hefty price tag for the entrance. The loot is somewhat of better quantity I must say which somehow makes up for it.

Was one of the first 500 visitors to grab this Ghostbusters figurines... Though it wasn't of my tastes to collect monsters, but it's free so what the heck... Got plenty of comics too and especially so when you enter the convention again and again just to get these freebies... Comes with some capsule toys in it and one of the toys I adore most is this green Mario keychain which makes a sound when pressed.

A couple of postcards here and there from various shops that showcases their artwork and comics. The Breadou toy is one in which I got it from voting for the Cosplay competition performances on stage. It gives a bread scent and you could use it as a stress ball or something...

Got a couple of gaming magazines free... Well, it's free because its last month's issue... At least its better than nothing and it's still new nonetheless. Also got a Notebook and Iphone casing from Animax and a traditional fan with some bushiroad card game prints on it. Well, thats about wraps up all the freebies given in STGCC. Let's hope that these events get bigger and better next year to come...

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