Wednesday, December 29, 2010

J's Chimes: TA-Q-BIN

TA-Q-BIN is a courier service based in Japan but had recently establish itself in the Singapore market. I only got to know of this company back when they had displayed their services at the Anime Festival Asia X (AFAX) back in November 2010. A survey was done to allow more people to get to know about TA-Q-BIN and a gift will be sent to them upon completion of the survey. Well it had finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday and am eager to open up the contents...

Was rather happy with the service as they would message you about the product date of arrival and will call you on that day of delivery. Rather smooth transaction which is similar to Speedpost in Singapore. But sad to say I would rarely use this service because ain't really got anything bulky to send or received in Singapore, not to mention overseas... (Unless... J's Chimes could have a contest and would use TA-Q-BIN to deliver the goods to those lucky

The contents include a TA-Q-BIN mascot plushy, a 'manual' fan and a letter of gratification. Not much for a surprise but its the thought that counts. Imagine having to deliver the same stuff round Singapore for those who take the survey and got the freebies... Anyway, now the Cat is displayed on my computer desktop... (Because it looks like Fenix the Cat from a classic cartoon...)

For more information about TA-Q-BIN, you might wanna visit their main website for Singapore residents at Perhaps you have some stuff to deliver so a best time to find a courier would be now...

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