Monday, December 6, 2010

J's Chimes: Chips Hand

Hate to eat chips because it dirties your hands when picking it up with your fingers? Well I guess some creative guy came up with an idea of an amazing tool that will help solve your problems...

This interesting gadget helps you to grip any chips in your nag without dirtying your fingers. Works pretty much like a torch where you press down a button on the handle to activate the device.

It's not battery operated and works with a mechanism lever inside. And the Japanese even dubbed it as NBCS (No Broken Clutch System) which makes it sounds so professional... Interestingly, you would need to exert little force to grip a chip but would crack it if you push the button harder.

An example of a perfect grip... feels kinda strange though. Eating a chip not with your fingers but fingers that work using your fingers to control it...

Well if you really got some money to spare or so, perhaps you might wanna buy this... other than that, what's so difficult to just wash your hands clean after a snack?

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