Monday, August 16, 2010

J's Chimes: Check Your Models!

Scale models and Gashapons looks great when displayed on your cabinets but how long have you been neglecting it for checking? Was doing a check on my scale models and realised that some of the colours began to fade away. The problematic ones are those in which an oily and greasy substance tends to surface on the models, making it sticky and shiny... Have no choice but to use a wet cloth to clean it off to get rid of the greasy. This is especially so because PVCs are made of plastic that melts under normal room temperature after a few months.

Sometimes, a layer of dirt will also start to stain the models o it is also wise to clean it off as it will dull the colours of the scale models. Though it is not really recommended to use water for washing, sometimes its necessary to use a wet cloth to clean the dirt off the models as the paint really doesn't come off that easily unless you scrub it real hard... In any case if you are really neglecting your models for quite sometime, be sure to check them now to avoid heartbreaks in future... Remember to check those in boxes too as they weren't spare either...

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