Monday, August 2, 2010

J's Chimes: Itasha PSPs

Yup. You've seen it done on phones, Ipads, laptops and even the Iphones... But has you really seen one done on your favourite handheld game such as the PSP? Guess someone came up with the idea of pimping their PSPs with some cute anime characters and somehow it turns out great nontheless... This is my personal favourite because it looks so cool and even the screen wallpaper matches the cover.

Forgot what this eroge character is but it certainly looks good at the back of the PSP. Now where would you fond this anywhere in Singapore?

If am certain, PSPs run on Mac OS but some brilliant minds decided to pimp it up with the Windows OS design for the PSP back cover. Reads 'Window Vista Portable'

Another cool design for Hatsune Miku Fans... Perhaps a much more Chibi version of her? Hmm... Just realised that these are done on the older versions of the PSP...

Another Eroge character in which I forgot again...Looks pretty good in all ways... However I'd prefer a horizon picture instead as you're playing it horizontally and not vertically for the people in front of you to 'appreciate' it.

Lastly, one of the more sophisticated designs for the PSP cover... Too much of a complication does affect the looks of the PSP don't ya think so?

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