Saturday, August 21, 2010

J's Chimes: Love Dolls (Part 1)

Love Dolls or preferably known as Candy Girls in Japan, are actually life size dolls created for male adults to satisfy their sexual intend. However, some people have become emotional attach to those that they treat them as a life partner that will accompany them at home. Not only that they look real, but they feels 'real' too because they are make of some special vinyl material for the body to make it as realistic as possible...

(Warning! Video contains obscene materials not suited for the young. Please refrain from watching if you are under the age limit in your country)

A little video of how the dolls are like can be seen in this video showcasing the dolls in a shop as the narrator visits one and learn more about what Candy Girls really are. A short tour inside the factory shows how the dolls are somehow made... Stay tuned for the second post about these love dolls...

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