Sunday, August 22, 2010

J's Chimes: Love Dolls (Part 2)

Love dolls can be made as real as a real being and some could even be made to look like those wax models in a museum. (Of course those would cost a lot more...) In any case, a Love doll can be price as much as SGD$5k - $10k depending on what you are looking for. And I do believe it would be hard to have it delivered to Singapore lol. What they actually did is packaged a completed doll and wrapped it up with Styrofoam, paper just like what you would normally see when ya opened up a box with your large electrical appliances from computers to TVs and such.

(Warning! Video contains obscene materials not suited for the young. Please refrain from watching if you are under the age limit in your country)

Here's another video to show you what's like to really be emotionally attach to these dolls. Most of us would find this rather disturbing but reality does hurt at times. Out of desperation, some people may choose to have such a hobby to avoid the stresses of everyday life... But to spend so much money on it is just shocking...

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