Wednesday, August 25, 2010

J's Chimes: Why Anime?

A lot of people asked me this question... Why anime? So folks out there just don't understand a thing or two about animes and they go all stereotyping that anime fans are naive people and pretty much weird in many ways. Firstly, animes are definitely not in any association with cartoons for kids for that matter. Animes are meant also for the adult groups because animes have greater depth and storyline, together with their style and presentation, which makes it different from cartoons. There are many reasons why anime is so interesting and popular. Perhaps many of you didn't notice at all so here's a gist of it.

1. Animes are works of art drawn painstakenly by people. Thus we admired their works and love watching it.

2. Animes often link to singing idols and actors. Such could be seen clearly from Macross frontier whereby the characters are seemingly similar to seiyuus in real life.

3. Animes bring out the unique culture of Japan. For example occasional products popping up, living in Japan, traditions, etc which is interesting for people who likes Japan.

4. Animes can give certain angles of viewing that are not possible or applicable in live action dramas, shows and to movies unless you'd use CG and stuff...which comes to the point of animation again.

5. Animes often takes place in a fantasy world which brings about unique things into the storyline not possible in real life. It is this creativity, dream and such that's interesting. Think Lord Of The Rings as an example. Reality shows don't give you that kinda excitement.

6. Animes captures you emotionally, your feelings and such because the character's facial expression tells a lot of tales. Unlike in real life where people may not express such feelings.

7. Animes have the biggest influence in the market. From daily necessities to food products and music CDs, anime has penetrated a lot in the market in which you'd failed to notice unless you don't like it.

8. Animes is what encourages game development even till today... Don't believe it? Why not take a look around at Japanese made games for a change?

9. Animes create live action shows too? Watched Meteor Garden? Death Note? They are from animes too... So why are people complaining animes are bad when they themselves watch the live action too which originates from anime?

10. Animes gives hope... yep, gotta agree with it cause many anime fans don't really have a relationship. Thus, the only companion now is anime which makes them happy...

11. Animes are becoming popular soon as the trend with our younger generations tend to watch them a lot now... This so expalins why there are more anime cafes popping out in Singapore...

12. Animes can be exaggerated with lots of things impossible for live action. For example Strike Witches flying with just turbine attachments on the leg.

13. Animes can have crazy stunts and feat normally impossible in real life. Snegoku Basara is one example.

There are actually 101 reasons why animes are good but that will basically do for now given the fact that these 10 reasons about just explains why animes are worth to watch. For those who are still stereotyping and such, it's time to change your perception of things and look at it in a different perspective...

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