Thursday, November 11, 2010

- Exclusive Highlights On AFA X -

Base on the photos as per uploaded by Danny Choo, it seems the layout of the AFA X would be something like this from the brochure. Thought the convention may look kinda small, but there are a couple of things worth looking for like for example AFA X has decided to bring in Itasha for display too. (Though am not really fond of Odex being in the event due to its previous incident.) Anime is to be enjoyed by others and brings in joy and happiness and without so, there wouldn't be stores selling anime goodies in Singapore now if people don't watch new animes.

For those interested to know of the programme highlights and performances, you can take a look at this event schedule. There are also a couple of exclusive merchandises for purchase and could be seen below...

First of all would be the AFA exclusives. This book features past AFA images and exclusive special guest images. It is a picture book with limited quantity and retails at $12.90 at the AFA shop located on the left of the convention hall... I will be grabbing this first as stocks are limited.

Another exclusives will be from the Good Smile Company which brought to you Nendoroids and scale models. They would be selling some straps, keychains (K-On!) and I believe posters of Black Rock Shooter. Would be trying for a Mio and Azusa Keychain and Black Rock Shooter posters... Prices are not shown so probably had to find it out right there...

Cospa will be selling some T-Shirts and keychains in their booth beside Good Smile. The Misaka Mikoto shirt is a must have... Prices are stated accordingly.

Other miscellaneous T-Shirts.

That Windbreaker with the Nerv Logo from Evangelion seems nice...

Some exclusive straps available at the Cospa's booth. Pondering whether to get the K-On! straps or those from Goodsmile.

Other exclusives would include School Days Cafe poster. Not not really sure whether you'd need to dine inside in order to purchase this.

AKB48 casts from the love dating simulation game will be performing today at 6.30pm at the Suntec City Convention. Enlarge the picture for more info. Tickets selling at $68 and $88.

Catch Danny Choo, Aira, Kaname, Clive, Alodia, etc at the main event and at the cosplay competition.

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