Monday, November 15, 2010

J's Chimes: Danny Choo At AFA & CGM

Yesterday was a CGM hosted by DannyChoo at Lau Pa Sat in Singapore at 5pm. Due to certain circumstances, am unable to go and am pretty disappointed about it... There should probably be a few hundred comrades gathering there and would probably overtake the entire food center for this occasion. Hopefully I could get the updates on this asap online about the event though...

But in any case, am still happy due to the fact that I've manage to take a photo with Danny Choo once again in the AFA convention. (You can see my previous photos with him by clicking here)

It was really a big coincidence that I met him at the right place at the right time... Yup, and I mean at the right place where a copy of his Itasha is featured at AFA using another car for its designs...

Danny Choo also had his stage appearance in AFA to give us a little presentation on Japan Culture. It is rather educational and informative with the screening of his television programme known as the Danny Choo Network - Culture Japan.

One of the memorable moments of his presentation screenings. If maid cafes are like that in Singapore, perhaps people will start visiting one soon. In any case, his programme will soon be aired on Animax this December so if you do own Starhub or Mio TV, you might want to subscribe it asap so as not to miss an episode of it.

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