Tuesday, November 23, 2010

J's Chimes: To Be Good At Cosplaying

Cosplays are slowly getting the hypes in Singapore and so does the demand for higher quality and details for the costumes. Well of course we can't compare cosplays with Japan because there are may professional cosplayers around that treat these very seriously. And thus these are the 10 factors to consider and ensure your cosplay is a success and worth of praise to audiences around.

1.) Your Passion For Cosplay
- Your interest in Cosplaying is perhaps the most important factors to note of. Without passion, all these will not be as truly enjoyable as you're doing it for the sake of it.

2.) Display Your Creativity And Skills
- Costumes aren't easy to make than you think it is. Especially when it comes to the details and such which make it time consuming to complete. Not only that, you'd need lots of creativity to make certain elements of the costume which aren't sold anywhere in the market.

3.) Know Where To Get The Right Materials
- It is important to know what material suits best for your costume so that it would turn out exactly as you want it to be. Different materials have different textures, feel, design, etc to it and thus it may affect your overall look of your entire costume if it fails to meet the standards.

4.) Know Which Character Suits You
- In layman terms, cosplay a character who has about the same built as you. For example, it would be weird to cosplay a well-built character when you are thin and so forth. The audiences prefer closer resemblance of your cosplay to the character rather than someone who forces himself to cosplay someone they can't.

5.) Learn The Basics Of Makeup
- Makeup plays an important role in any cosplays and could even change your looks to that desired. It does also gives you the confidence you need and cover up spots in which you do not want people to pry on.

6.) Allow Yourself Ample Time
- Give yourself ample amount of time to work on your costumes and not rush, only to realize that you didn't want it to be this way. Plan and schedule your time; from searching your materials, designing and making the costumes and to trial and errors needed. Only then will you be able to display yourself with confidence of your work without scrutiny.

7.) Acquire Feedback And Consult Your Friends

- Have your friends look at your cosplay and be the judge. If they like it, there wouldn't be much of a problem in events would it? At least your friends could give you some tips, ideas and valuable feedback about it so that you could improve.

8.) Gather Information To Spark Ideas
- Sometimes you'd run into road blocks and thus it is wise to gather some information thru websites and other materials to get new ideas for your work. Take a scroll in the arcade, maybe you'd find some interesting materials which could proved to be useful for your costumes.

9.) Motivate Yourself
- Low on morale or no motivation to do it? One way is to immerse yourself with much of cosplay events and stuff related to it. Only then will make you burn with enthusiasm to want to make a costume. Buy your materials, plan or sketch your costume, prepare something and place them in front of your work desk to make you feel motivated to do it.

10.) Enjoy And Express Yourself
- Enjoy your planning, making stages of your costumes. Enjoy them even more when displaying your finished product in cosplay events. Your hard work is finally paying off and believe that you've done a good job.

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