Tuesday, November 9, 2010

J's Chimes: Yosuga No Sora Becomes A Full-Fledge Ecchi Anime

The ever so popular Yosuga No Sora anime has become the most talked about anime in regards to how this anime flows to stay true to its eroge maker. It is also one of the most sought after anime this season along with Ore No Imouto. Episode 6 once again awes audiences with tons of fan-services that will make your jaw drop hard...

(Once again we advise that if you feel offended by the contents of this post, please refrain from viewing further...)

Well I guess what really is so special about this anime would probably be the ton of massive fan-services given to audience unlike other animes from To Love-Ru and such that very so often censored sensitive scenes. Though am not certain what classification of genre is Yosuga No Sora. Perhaps Explicit Ecchi Content not amounting to Hentai?

Many bold scenes are being aired and would probably be the reasons why this anime gets so pretty popular in some sense or another... Perhaps a new 'In-Thing' after the zombie apocalypse?

Though Yosuga No Sora does have a couple of explicit content, these scenes are without much intimidating voices. Such scenes are also given less depth as to compare with real H animes. In any case, this marks the end arc of this heroine and would probably move on to the next female character in the next episode... Hopefully enough, fans expect more fan-services in massive amounts soon...

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